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TwistieMag Magnetic Twist Ties Multicolor 10 Pack

TwistieMag Magnetic Twist Ties - Multi-Color 10-Pack


Meet Your New Favorite Accessory!

TwistieMag® is a super-strong, super-stretchy reusable magnetic twist tie with 1,001 uses that solve some of life's most nagging problems.

  • A must for cord & cable management... Clean up your cord mess on and under your desk.
  • An easy-to-use magnetic clip... Clip your earphone cord to your shirt, chip clip, note and picture clip for the fridge, locker, whiteboard, etc. 
  • A magnetic curtain tie-back... Use a Twistie to hold your curtains open during the day, and use the same Twistie to clip it closed at night.
  • Need an emergency hair tie? TwistieMag® to the rescue!
  • Unbelievably useful when traveling... Keep your charger and device cords organized and easy to find on hectic travel days.
  • The ultimate fidget toy... Grab a pack and see if you can put them down!
  • Makes a great gift.

We live in a world of wires, charging cords, and earphone cables. TwistieMag® is a unique solution that is functional and fun.


  • Organize your cord & cable mess! Great for the "junk drawer", corded bathroom appliances, and absolutely indispensable when traveling.
  • A great magnetic shirt clip, use it to contain your earphones cord or hang glasses, shades, badges, etc right from your shirt.
  • Hang photos, your child's artwork, and honey-do lists on the wall with no nail holes. The magnets are strong enough to stick to a drywall screw/nail right through the drywall.
  • Decorate and hang photos, notes, and markers/pens on your refrigerator, whiteboard, filing cabinet, safe - anything steel.
  • Keep a few Twisties in your car to organize charging cords and hang your sunglasses.


    • Material: Proprietary Blend Ultra Strong & Flexible Silicone
    • 2 Embedded High Strength Neodymium Magnets
    • Dimensions: 5.5 (L) x 0.7 (W) x 0.25 (D) Inches

      TwistieMag Multi-Color 10 Pack Magnetic Twist Ties Product Dimensions

      Safety First! Defying Industry Safety Issues With Design

      The problems we see in similar products are low-quality materials causing them to break or underperform. Worse yet, the magnets are very weak and do not stay connected.

      But that’s not the biggest problem…

      Similar products are made with tiny magnets that are NOT sealed. This makes it very easy for them to fall out, rendering the product useless (in addition to the magnets being extremely weak). But this problem pales in comparison to the fact that these tiny magnets are a MAJOR safety hazard where children are concerned. There have been cases where ingestion requires immediate medical attention to avoid long-term problems, or even worse…

      With TwistieMag®, enjoy peace of mind knowing the magnets are 100% embedded, eliminating this safety concern. Additionally, our magnets are top quality high-grade neodymium that provides a firm hold to each other or any ferrous surface.

      TwistieMag Magnets Are 100% Embedded 

      Stretch Your Twisties!

      To get the most out of your TwistieMag® magnetic twist ties, be sure you give each Twistie a good stretch!

      Twisties are about 6 inches long (5.5 to be exact), but stretch to about 12 inches. Gently stretching them out to their full length will "release" the brand new silicone and make them much more flexible and stretchy...

      Once you do this, you can use them on larger cord/cable bundles - like the guitar cable in this video (Twisties are great for musicians to keep your gear organized!)


      • Includes 10 TwistieMag® Magnetic Twist Ties, 10 Different Colors (colors may vary)

      Easy Returns

      We are just sure that the person about to get this awesome Monster Magnetics® stuff
      will be thrilled, asounded, and astonished. If not, our bad. 😞

      We have an easy, no questions asked one-click returns process.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 259 reviews
      I'll be getting seconds on these!!

      They're pretty cool! They're definitely stronger than all my other fridge magnets. Also, I like the information and useful ideas that added. Very practical and well put together package.

      Hi Mary, and thank you so much for taking the time to post this review. We're happy your Twisties are working well for you... Should you come back to get more, don't forget to look inside the package for your discount code.
      I really like these monster magnetics

      I had a woman that gets paid to help people organize things and she had me putting all my cords into toilet paper tubes. These magnetic colorful items are much better than those toilet paper tubes and I threw away in the garbage can

      Ann Marie, and thank you so much for your comments. We're so happy that TwistieMag is making your cord organization better!
      Yes, magnets are really strong.

      After carefully reading reviews of similar items, I took a chance on these owing to the claim of their magnetic strength. This was no lie. The ties are flexible to conform to different sized bunches of cords and, Hooray!, the magnets are very strong. We could even lay them on our wire closet organizers to keep them handy. With their strong magnets, the ties almost flew onto to the metal shelving. Very convenient and now we have disciplined wires on all our electrical junk. Great!

      Hi Georgia, and happy new year! Thank you so much for taking the time to post your comments about your TwistieMag magnetic twist ties. We're ecstatic that they're working out great for you and that you've cleaned up your cord mess! Thank you again :)

      These are great for people who have difficulties with arthritis or other finger strength problem. I just like them because they are quick and easy to use. I use them all the time for various cords that I keep in my backpack and laptop case.

      Hi Snowflake, and happy new year! We're so happy to hear that your Twisties are a quick and easy solution for you despite arthritis and that they're helping you clean up your cord mess (we all need a little of that). Thank you again! :)


      Thank you, Ann Marie, for taking the time to post your comment. Happy new year!