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TwistieMag Plus Large Magnetic Silicone Reusable Twist Ties

TwistieMag Plus Large Magnetic Twist Ties - Multi-Color 4-Pack


TwistieMag® Plus is Here!

TwistieMag® Plus is the "big brother" to our original TwistieMag® magnetic twist ties. They're super-strong, super-stretchy, and larger (12 inches long and stretch to 28 inches) so you can use them to organize large cable bundles, corded appliances (like your hair dryer and hot iron straightener), garage items (extension cords, air hoses, etc) and anything else you can imagine. These large reusable magnetic twist ties have 1,001 uses that solve some of life's most nagging problems.

  • A must for cord & cable management... Organize your cord mess around your computer, in your bathroom drawers, junk drawer (extension cords), garage, and workshop.
  • A magnetic curtain tie-back... Use a Twistie Plus to hold your curtains open during the day, and to clip them closed at night.
  • Need an emergency hair tie? TwistieMag® Plus to the rescue!
  • Unbelievably useful when traveling... Keep your hair dryer, hot iron straightener, and any other corded appliance organized in your luggage and hotel room.
  • The ultimate for fidgeting... Grab a pack and see if you can put them down!
  • Makes a great gift.

We live in a world of wires, cords, and cables. TwistieMag® is a unique solution that helps you clean up the clutter in a functional and fun way!


      • Material: Proprietary Blend Ultra Strong & Flexible Silicone
      • 2 Embedded High Strength Neodymium Magnets
      • Dimensions: 12.0 (L) x 0.875 (W) x 0.25 (D) Inches

      TwistieMag Plus Magnetic Twist Ties Stretch to 28 Inches

      TwistieMag® Plus ties are 12 inches long, but stretch to roughly 28 inches. Gently stretching them out to their full length will "release" the brand new silicone and make them much more flexible and stretchy.


      • (4) TwistieMag® Plus Ties
      • Black
      • White
      • Pink
      • Gray

      TwistieMag Plus Large Magnetic Twist Ties In The Box

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Strong magnets.

      Really cool little gadgets. Would buy again.

      Thank you, Debra, for your comments. We're happy that you're happy with your TwistieMag Plus large magnetic twist ties. Thank you again! -The Monster Team
      Extra long and really strong!

      Great product. Great for keeping hair dryers and curling iron cords neat and out of the way.

      LOVE IT!! I cannot say enough about these extra long twisty mags! I got these today and I have been waiting and hoping to find extra long ones because I had shorter ones that worked pretty good but for some of my applications I needed something longer. I was super happy that these longer ones also have a kind of divet on one side and a bump out on the other that fit together to enhance the strength of the hold. I put some pictures up for you to see, even my hair straightener which has a spring that keeps it in an open position is easily kept closed by these. The magnet is very strong! I highly recommend these to anyone who needs to wrap up cords or wrap up curling irons and blow dryers or hair straighteners to keep them organized under the sink!