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Neo Black - Industrial Strength Countersunk Mounting Magnet Set

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Neo Black Neodymium Countersunk Magnets Logo
Monster Magnetics® Neo Black™ are ultra-strong countersunk neodymium magnets plated in jet black epoxy. Flush-mount or countersink Neo Black™ on or into your wall, ceiling, door - or attach it directly to your project.
  ✅ Countersink the head of a #8 or #9 screw (included) into the center hole. ✅ The design leaves the screw head flush within the center of the magnet. ✅ Attractive black epoxy plating provides a durable corrosion-proof finish. ✅ This protects the steel housing and extends the life of the magnet.

Ultra Strong!

    Neodymium is the most magnetic Rare Earth compound available to consumers. Neo Black™ magnets are engineered to generate 88 lbs* (45kg) of magnetic force. Unheard of for a magnet this size. Compare to larger magnets!

    Neo Black Neodymium Magnet Set Product Diagram

    The superior magnet strength is not by material, but by design - compliments of our unique magnetic gap design. We separate the magnet disc from the steel cup with a non-ferrous material. This excites the molecules and redirects and recycles the magnetic force, resulting in an increase in pulling power - An Exponential Increase.


    ✅ Dimensions: 1.42 Inches (Diameter) x 0.26 Inches (Thickness).
    ✅ Materials: Neodymium (magnets), Stainless Steel (housing), Marine-Grade Black Epoxy (plating)
    ✅ Magnetic Force: *88 pounds (45kg)

     Neo Black Neodymium Mounting Magnet Set - Product Dimensions

    Safety Information

    ✅ When opening the packaging, remove the magnets one at a time and KEEP THEM SEPARATED.
    ✅ Powerful magnetic attraction forces can cause the magnets to slam together with great force!
    ✅ Strong magnets can pinch the skin. Wear appropriate utility gloves when handling and installing.
    ✅ Keep strong magnets away from children.
    ✅ More Information: Neodymium Magnet Safety

    *88 pounds magnetic force quote based on lab evaluation with test equipment. In real-world applications, this would equate to a flat, bare 0.5-inch thick iron surface. Paint, texture, rust, rough surfaces, other coatings, and certain environmental conditions can significantly degrade the magnetic force.


      ✅ 2x Neo Black™ Magnets
      ✅ 2x #9 2-Inch Wood Screws

        Neo Black Whats In The Box

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 51 reviews

          Strong ....works as advertised

          Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to post your comments. We're very happy that you're happy with your Neo Black magnets and their magnetic strength. Thank you again! -Lisa
          Strong magnets

          Very strong magnet. Have a barn door that likes to close due to being slightly not level. These work to keep it open and easily releases when we want to close.

          Hi Tia, and thank you so much for sharing your experience with your Neo Black mounting magnets. I'm so glad they're working well to hold your barn door open....great use! Thank you again :) -Lisa
          Neo Black Countersunk Neodymium Magnets

          Excellent service...

          Hi Christian, and thank you for your comment. We're ecstatic that you're happy with our service! Thank you again! -Lisa :)
          Monster Magnetics® Neo Black™

          Thanks for the great deal!!!

          You’re very welcome, Joey, and thank you for your business!
          Works as a phone magnet too!

          Used it to magnetically hold my phone in my 4Runner, works like a champ! Didn’t need the second one, so it’d be a nice option to just buy one.

          Hello, and thank you for taking the time to post your comments on your experience with your Neo Black magnets. Using one as a phone holder is a great idea...thank you for sharing! At this time, they are sold only in pairs.