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MagCap Scratch-Proof Rubber Magnet Cap (1-Inch) 4-Pack


Prevent Metal-On-Metal Scratching - 100% Of The Time

With MagCap™ rubber magnet caps, you can use your metal magnetic hooks where you want. It's easy... just slip a MagCap™ around the outside of your magnet and instantly create a protective barrier that prevents scratching and marking of fine surfaces. 

Want to hang your calendar from your new fridge? Go for it! Want to hang your grill tools on your grill? No problem!

What Doesn't Work

Some companies include little 3M sticker discs with their magnets. We tested them - they don't work.  We've created a solution that works - and it works very well. An attractive alternative to either not using your magnets where you want, or having to put stickers or tape on your expensive surface.

Simple, but brilliant.

How much is it worth to you to save the delicate surface of your expensive appliances? Now you can use your neodymium magnets where you need them. You're welcome.

Special Features

  • PREVENTS SCRATCHING OF EXPENSIVE REFRIGERATOR SURFACES. Use these protective magnet caps to instantly turn any 1-inch (diameter) pot magnet into a scratch proof magnet! Protect the delicate finish of your expensive refrigerator, tool box, or any surface.
  • COMMON SIZE FITS ALL 1 INCH DIAMETER MAGNETS. Works with the most popular and common magnets available. Easily slip the protective rubber cap over the magnet to create a scratch-proof and non-slip barrier, preventing metal-on-metal contact.
  • DURABLE. WITHSTANDS HEAVY USE. We manufactured these magnet caps specifically for use as such. The grade and manufacturing process of the protective rubber cap ensures a lifetime of use.
  • 4 PACK. Includes 4 protective magnet caps. Fits hook, eyelet, carabiner, and pot magnets 1 inch in diameter.


  • 4x Magnet Caps

How To Install MagCap™ Scratch-Proof Magnet Cap (22 Seconds)

Easy Returns

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Why Buy From Us

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jerene Donovan

I wanted to use some magnets on my new camper van, but didn’t want to scratch the paint. These caps do the trick.

They work great!

I bought a new stainless steel refrigerator and I needed to cover the backs of my magnet hooks. This was the best idea I found. I wish they made them in different sizes, but I found some magnets that fit them.

Big K
Great seller.

Shipped fast. These rubber caps worked as promised.

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to post your comments. We're happy that your MagCap protective magnet caps are doing their job! Thank you again :) -The Monster Team

Jeff Williams
Great company, great products

The magnets and caps are fantastic and customer service is second to none. I will definitely buy from them again if I need more and will recommend them to others. One note is that the magnet is not going to hold as well with the cap, but it beats scratching or marring the surface in my application.

Hi Jeff, and thanks so much for taking the time to post your comments. We're very happy that you're happy with your hooks and caps and that they're working well for your application. Let us know if you need anything :)

Chris M.
They work…

Excellent! They do weaken the magnet a bit, but works great on my stainless fridge for holding my keys and calendar.