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SnapMag Heavy Duty Scratch-Proof Magnetic Carabiner Hook Set


The mighty SnapMag™ is the ultimate multipurpose carabiner magnet set. 

Keep one connected to your keychain and never lose your keys again! Comes in handy at school and at the gym to hang stuff in your locker or to keep your gym towel off the floor - hang it right from the gym equipment with the magnet! 

Connect SnapMag™ to your purse - or man-bag - for quick and easy under-table storage, i.e. hang it from the metal framing on the underside of most tables. Declutter your mess and hang utensils in the kitchen and on the grill within easy reach but out of the way. Conveniently hang tools in your workshop, garage and craft room.

magnetic carabiner hook magnet keychain refrigerator holder

The possibilities are unlimited!

The ultra-strong neodymium magnets are housed in a hardened steel pot, and the stainless steel eyelet and aluminum carabiners are of the highest quality. Neodymium (NdFeB, Neodymium-Iron-Boron) is the most magnetic material available on the consumer market.

You won't believe the strength of these magnets!

With the included scratch-proof rubber magnet caps, you can even use your heavy-duty magnets on delicate surfaces without marking or scratching!


  • Materials: Steel (Magnet Pots); Neodymium (Magnets); Aluminum (Carabiners); Rubber (Scratch-Proof Caps)
  • Magnetic Pulling Force (Per Magnet): 25 lbs (direct-pull)
  • Dimensions: Magnet Pot: 1 Inch Diameter; Magnet 13/16 Inch Diameter; Carabiners (Black 2.5 Inch, Red 2.2 Inch)


Monster Magnetics SnapMag Carabiner Magnet Hanging Set Product Diagram

This SnapMag™ set Includes:

  • (2) Neodymium Threaded (female) Magnet Bases
  • (2) Rubber Scratch-Proof Magnet Caps
  • (2) Stainless Steel Threaded (male) Split-Ring Eyelets
  • (2) Red 2.2" Snap-Ring Carabiners
  • (2) Black 2.5" Snap-Ring Carabiners

Monster Magnetic Carabiner Hook Magnet Set What's Included

Magnetic Pulling Force, Safety & Use Considerations

The "25 pounds direct-pull" magnetic force quote is based on laboratory evaluation with test equipment and does not represent how much weight the magnets can actually hold due to uncontrollable variables.

In real-world applications, this would equate to a flat, bare 0.5-inch thick iron surface. Paint, texture, rust, rough surfaces, other coatings, and certain environmental conditions can significantly degrade the magnetic force.

Additionally, mounting magnets vertically (on a steel wall or refrigerator, for example) reduces the weight it can hold as "direct-pull force" becomes "shear force". The very best pulling force can be obtained by mounting on a flat, bare iron surface.

Use of the rubber magnetic caps will protect your mounting surface but will degrade the pulling power of the magnet. Depending on where you mount it, you may or may not be able to hang heavier items (it depends on the iron content, thickness, finish, etc). For example, magnets will stick to a steel I-beam much stronger than thin metal (e.g. a refrigerator door).

Speaking of refrigerators, some stainless steel is ferrous, some is not. Test this with any type of magnet. If it doesn't stick, there's not enough iron content in the stainless steel to produce a magnetic pull. In this case, you can still use the sides of the refrigerator, which are usually all steel, depending on the make/model.

Carefully test the pulling force in your actual application carefully, and use the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Strong magnets can pinch the skin if not handled properly! Do not allow children to handle Neodymium magnets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
I have not used them as yet but the magnet for their size is good

I have not used them as yet but the magnet for their size is good

Hi Robert, and thank you so much for posting your comments. We're so happy that you're happy with your magnetic hooks set. We think you'll even be more impressed when you get a chance to use them. Thank you again!
It has come unscrewed on me once and fortunately I caught it as it did

It is very strong but I wished it were stronger. It has come unscrewed on me once and fortunately I caught it as it did. I need 2 of them to hold up my purse. I need to loose some weight out of my purse or have 2 on it.

Hide a key higher end.

Nice. Works just fine for my use.

Five Stars

Very nice!

Five Stars

Great product! Strong and got here fast