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KnifeMag Wall-Mount Magnetic Knife Strip


Mount and display your cutlery with pride, put it within easy reach, and free-up valuable drawer space - all at once!

  • KnifeMag™ Magnetic Knife Strip securely grips, yet easily releases knives, other bladed utensils, and small hand tools.
  • Your utensils and tools are readily available within a height that you determine, but safely out of reach of children.
  • Decluttering your drawers of knives helps prevent injury while freeing up precious drawer space! 
  • KnifeMag™ is a practical and classy addition to any kitchen, garage, workshop, or craft room - and comes in handy in the bathroom too!

KnifeMag Magnetic Knife Holder Strip Product Dimensions

Mounts easily to most any surface with the included mounting screws and anchors, or use double-sided tape. Mounting instructions are on the packaging. Two magnetic strips mounted in metal framing securely hold your utensils in place, while easily releasing them.

Declutter your drawers while preventing safety mishaps by mounting virtually any knife on the wall directly by the blade. This premium culinary tool is also great for mounting unordinary shaped utensils that cannot be safely stored in a drawer or knife block.

Use KnifeMag™ in the kitchen, workshop, and craft room - and get an extra to put in the bathroom to hold your small tools, like tweezers, eyelash curlers, and nail clippers.

Special Features

  • CULINARY MAGNETISM. Safely and neatly store and display your cutlery and other steel kitchen utensils and tools above your countertop within easy reach.
  • DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE. Two steel surrounded magnetic strips securely hold your knife set in place while freeing up precious drawer and counter space.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. Easily mount the magnetized rack to any wall or kitchen surface with the included mounting hardware - and the instructions are right on the box.
  • SAFETY FIRST. Tools stay within reach at a safe height that you determine. Great for odd sized and shaped blades that cannot safely store in a drawer or knife block.

Technical Specifications


  • Body: Brushed Aluminum
  • Magnets: Ferrite
  • Magnet Contacts: Stainless Steel
  • End Caps: ABS
  • Screws: Steel
  • Anchors: Plastic


  • 1x Magnetic Knife Holder
  • 2x Mounting Anchors
  • 2x Mounting Screws
  • Instructions printed on the outer packaging

KnifeMag Magnetic Knife Holder Strip What's Included

NOTE: Knives, scissors, and tools are not included and are pictured for illustration purposes only.

Installation Using Included Mounting Hardware

  1. Drill holes (1/8" drill bit) 12 3/4 inches apart (make sure you're level!)
  2. Remove 1 end cap from KnifeMag™ and slide the opposite end over 1 screw ensuring the screw goes into the groove of the end cap
  3. Align and replace removed end cap ensuring screw goes into the groove of the end cap

KnifeMag Magnetic Knife Holder Strip Easy Installation

Alternative Installation

Want to install KnifeMag™ without drills, holes, and screws? Use double-sided foam tape (construction adhesive works too) and install your magnetic knife strip just about anywhere!

KnifeMag Magnetic Knife Strip Bathroom Cabinet Installation

Note: In this example, we're using 3M™ VBH™ tape (which works very well!)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Need a place to hang your knives?

I thought this was going have magnets on both sides so I could put it on my refrigerator. However, it doesn't. You have to screw it to a surface first. I am keeping it because I will eventually put it somewhere that I need a magnetic surface. Thank you

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to post your comments. Yes, it's a one-sided magnet, but it can be installed without drills and holes. If you look back at the product detail page (at https://www.monstermagnetics.com/products/knifemag), click the 'Easy Install' tab, and there are instructions and photos on mounting it without hardware.
love it!

Great to have on the wall and not a block on the counter top.


I love having my knives within easy reach when I'm cooking and this magnetic knife holder is super. Holds my knives in place very well.

Very good product.

Good product. Two of them have organized all of my cutlery.

Five Stars

an awesome addition to the kitchen