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HookMag - Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks Set with Scratch-Proof Magnet Caps


Not Just Strong. Scary Strong.

HookMag™ is a versatile and heavy-duty magnetic hook set. Clean up the clutter with this unobtrusive and high-powered storage solution.

  • Now includes scratch-proof magnet caps so you can use them on your more delicate surfaces without worry of metal-on-metal scratching (new fridge, perhaps?).
  • Hang your kitchen and grilling utensils and make some much-needed drawer space.
  • Mount frequently-used or hard-to-store tools on the outside of your toolbox.
  • Have extra hanging hooks inside and outside your locker.
  • They work great on steel door frames, steel cabinets, shelves, and whiteboards.
  • Ultimately useful when traveling. A godsend when you need extra hanging space in your hotel room, cruise ship cabin, RV, and camper.

Monster Magnetics® Hook Magnets are attractive, minimalist, and super-powerful. Clean up the clutter and get organized with this simple and affordable solution.

Why HookMag™?

Have you ever shopped for strong magnets at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc? If you have, you'll know that the selection is horrendous. Then when you get them home, they're weak and cheap and don't work for what you need.

Our magnet hooks are premium quality and Scary Strong - ready to tackle anything from hanging a coat or wet towel on your hotel room doorframe to hanging your purse in your locker or under a table, to mounting a large wrench or an extension cord on your toolbox.

Weak magnets aren't the only problem...

Most hook magnet sets come as-is, with only one hook type. What if the included hook doesn't work for what you need? Do you need to purchase another set just to get what you need, or go through the hassle of the returns process?

We've solved this problem. HookMag™ includes 2 hook types - "cup hooks" and "J hooks". Both are suitable for vertical (wall) or horizontal (ceiling) mounting. Screw in the hook you need and carry on!

Technical Specifications

  • Materials: Magnet Pot & Hardware: Steel; Magnet: Neodymium; Scratch-Proof Magnet Caps: Rubber
  • Magnetic Pull Force: 25 pounds*
  • Dimensions: 1-Inch (magnet diameter)

Monster Magnetics HookMag Magnetic Hooks Product Dimensions

Safety Information

  • Do not allow children to handle Neodymium magnets.
  • Carefully test the pulling force in your actual application.
  • Strong magnets can pinch the skin. Handle with care.
  • Use the appropriate personal protective equipment when handling.
  • Magnetic force can affect certain medical devices.
  • More Information: Neodymium Magnet Safety

    Care And Maintenance

    • Do not leave your magnets mounted on your grill if storing outdoors. Treat the magnets the same as you treat your grill utensils - store them indoors.
    • Do not use magnets on the HOT parts of the grill (e.g. firebox and lid) as extreme heat will demagnetize the neodymium.
    • Use the scratch-proof magnetic caps to prevent metal-on-metal marking/scratching on delicate surfaces.
    • Clean the magnets with a soft cloth dampened with warm soapy water. Air dry. Do not use chemicals, abrasives, or submerge in water.
    • Coat your magnets, hooks, and other hardware with WD-40® or silicone lubricant to repel moisture.

      *Magnetic Pull Force

      The 25-pound magnetic force rating is based on laboratory evaluation with test equipment. Due to uncontrollable variables, this rating does not represent how much weight the magnets will hold when attached to a surface.

      In real-world applications, this would equate to direct-pull on a flat, bare 0.5-inch thick iron surface. Paint, texture, rust, rough surfaces, other coatings, and certain environmental conditions can significantly degrade the magnetic pull force.

      Direct-Pull Force

      A plant hanging from a hook magnet attached to a steel ceiling would be an example of "direct-pull". Attached to a vertical surface, "shear force" is roughly 2/3 less than direct pull force. The thickness and content of the steel and the friction of the finish have an effect on the magnetic pulling force.

      MagCap™ Rubber Scratch-Proof Caps Use Considerations

      Use of the scratch-proof rubber magnet caps will protect your mounting surface but will downgrade the pulling power of the magnet. Depending on where you mount it, you may or may not be able to hang heavier items (it depends on the iron content, thickness, finish, etc). For example, magnets will stick to a steel I-beam much stronger than thin metal (e.g. a refrigerator door).

      This is typically fine for most metal surfaces (e.g. non-stainless steel refrigerators, toolbox, safe, whiteboard, etc) but not recommended for fine delicate surfaces (new refrigerator, perhaps?). With these delicate surfaces, we highly recommend that you use the rubber magnetic caps to prevent scratching/marring of the surface.

      Not All Stainless Is Created Equal

      Speaking of refrigerators, some stainless steel is ferrous, some is not. Test this with any type of magnet. If it doesn't stick, there's not enough iron content in the stainless steel to produce a magnetic pull. In this case, you can still use the sides of the refrigerator, which are usually all steel, depending on the make/model.

      HookMag™ Set Includes:

      ✅ 4x Scary Strong Magnet Bases (with M4 female threading)

      ✅ 4x "Cup" Hooks (with M4 male threading)

      ✅ 4x "J" Hooks (with M4 male threading)

      ✅ 2x Scratch-Proof Magnet Caps

        HookMag Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks Set - In The Box

        Easy Returns

        We are just sure that the person about to get this awesome Monster Magnetics® stuff
        will be thrilled, asounded, and astonished. If not, our bad. 😞

        We have an easy, no questions asked one-click returns process.


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        Based on 215 reviews
        Great product and super friendly service!
        Travel hooks
        Hi Don, and thank you so much for taking the time to post your comments. Using the magnetic hooks on cruise ship cabin walls is a great use and we thank you for sharing!
        Great magnets, great seller
        Hello, and thank you so much for your kind words and your continued business. We're so happy that you love your HookMag magnetic hooks. We hope that you're finding our new protective rubber caps useful at not scratching your surfaces. Thank you again! - The Monster Team
        Hi Karen, and thank you for your comment. We're glad you like your HookMag™ strong magnetic hooks! If you think these are strong, check out our magnetic swivel hooks that are 3x stronger: https://www.monstermagnetics.com/products/swivelmag-heavy-duty-magnetic-swivel-hooks-60-pounds
        strong & work great
        Hi Elizabeth, and thank you for your comments! We're so happy your Monster Magnetics Hooks are working well for you on your grill. Thanks again! :) -Lisa