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Love these!

Wasn't sure I'd like or use these when I ordered the first ones. Still ordering them, now this is my third shipment. Very useful! From handling cords to making sure our Christmas light extension cord stays out of the rain, they have proven themselves over and over. Strong magnets, bright colors!

Monster mags

I like the magnets very much. I did think they were longer in length. Perhaps show actual length of stretched magnet next to a ruler.


I’m a repeat buyer. I initially bought these to keep cords together when traveling but have found multiple uses for them so came back for more. Love them!

Fabulous find!

These stretchy magnetic ties are great! The magnet is strong, and the range of colors fit any decor.

A man changed

Truly these magnets have improved my quality of life. They will for you too. I promise

Nice Quality

Very strong magnets, thick plastic case, worth paying a little more for. Good fit for new fob or fob keys plus a house key.


I wanted to use some magnets on my new camper van, but didn’t want to scratch the paint. These caps do the trick.

good item

this item has some really strong magnets..i'd be surprised if it ever moves from where i place it.....just right size and good quality...well priced so a good value...i plan on buying more when in stock...


I bought these hooks to use with the sunshade blinds on my lanai. They appear to be perfect,however, I haven’t installed them yet. We are having a lot of rain here

The magnets are the best ive ever seen .everyone i show them to wants one .i love them they are great gifts .

They work great!

I bought a new stainless steel refrigerator and I needed to cover the backs of my magnet hooks. This was the best idea I found. I wish they made them in different sizes, but I found some magnets that fit them.

Definitely worth every penny

Live in the Pacific Northwest and need a secure and water tight spare key storage for when I’m on the trail or camping definitely a piece of mind knowing that it’s their Incase of an emergency.

Just what I was looking for

The plus size magnetic box was just what I was looking for to conveniently store the extra garage door opener in an outdoor storage box for the golf cart garage. It is the perfect size as key boxes were too small to accommodate the opener. The magnets are strong and the box is watertight to protect the opener from moisture.

TwistieMag Magnetic Twist Ties DIY 6-Pack - You Pick Your Colors!

TwistieMag Magnetic Twist Ties - Multi-Color 10-Pack

Absolutely The Best

Simply the best..... 5stars

HookMag - Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks Set with Scratch-Proof Magnet Caps
Great product and super friendly service!

Bought these to use for my husband's cpap machine hose and mask on cruises. Super strong and convenient. Thank you.

Great Quality Item!

These magnets are the best out there! Very handy for cord management, and a variety of other uses. Very fun to fidget with too! Comes in every color you would want. You can’t go wrong with these.

Good but could improve

I'd like to see magnetics also on the clasp to hold the handle shut & price brought down slightly. Just my 2 cents Also I'd buy the bigger model too if they ever go 10-20% on sale. Overall I liked the box better than the twisty magnets of inferior magnetic strength. I know my review may sound negative but I really am quite happy with the box as is.

Outstanding. Just pay attention to shipping requests!

Awesome Product

This is exactly what I needed. Holds tight!

MiniMag 2 - Dual-Magnet Magnetic Stash Box


Simply perfect... so many different way to use them. FUN!!!

Hello Oliver, and thank you so much for taking the time to post your comments. We really appreciate your time, and are so happy that you love your Twisties!