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TwistieMag Magnetic Twist Ties DIY 6-Pack - You Pick Your Colors!


Meet Your New Favorite Accessory!

Choose From 20 Colors To Match Your Style!

Click Here For TwistieMag® Color Chart (opens in a new tab)

TwistieMag® [twis-tee-mag] (We call 'em "Twisties" for short):

  • Super-strong, super-stretchy reusable magnetic twist tie
  • A must for cord and cable management 
  • Handy magnetic clip - earphones, potato chip bags, curtains
  • A hanger and holder of many things
  • A refrigerator, locker, and whiteboard organizer and decorator
  • The ultimate fidget toy... grab a pack and see if you can put them down!

We live in a world of wires, charging cords, and earphone cables. TwistieMag® is a unique solution that is functional and fun.

With the TwistieMag® DIY Collection, you can:

  • Match your cable management project for a cleaner look
  • Coordinate Twistie colors with your wardrobe
  • Match your favorite sports team
  • Match your school mascot colors
  • Makes a great gift!

To create your personalized TwistieMag® 6-pack, choose 6 colors* from the drop-lists (above the 'Add to Cart' button)


  • Dimensions: 5.5 (L) x 0.7 (W) x 0.25 (D) Inches
  • Material: Proprietary blend ultra-strong and flexible silicone (BPA-free)
  • Magnets: 2 Embedded high-strength neodymium, magnetized axially

TwistieMag Reusable Magnetic Twist Ties - Product Dimensions

More Than Just A Cord And Cable Organizer

TwistieMag® is a fun and attractive solution to an unsightly problem. This 6 pack, The DIY Collection (choose your own colors), is perfect for busy moms, students, musicians, gym goers, and tech geeks. Anyone can find a multitude of uses for TwistieMag®.

Buy some for your kids to use at school. Great for inside a locker. Is your office cluttered with cords, cables, and wires? Allow TwistieMag® to help you solve your clutter problem in a functional and fun way! A must-have for people on the go.

Bundle up small cords or larger cables. The embedded ultra-strong neodymium magnets hold tight. When you choose your own colors, you can match your project.

TwistieMag Magnetic Twist Ties for Cable Management


Manufactured with the highest grade silicone available, Twisties are unbelievably strong and flexible. Giving them a good stretch makes them even more pliable and causes the silicone to act as a natural adhesive.

Defying Industry Safety Issues With Design

There are problems we see in similar products. Low-quality silicone causes them to break. Worse yet, the magnets are very weak and do not stay connected.

But that’s not the biggest problem…

Similar products have tiny magnets that are NOT sealed into the silicone. This makes it very easy for them to fall out, rendering the product useless. But this problem is minor knowing that these tiny magnets are a MAJOR safety hazard - especially for small children. Ingestion of these magnets requires immediate medical attention to avoid long-term problems. Or even worse…

Enjoy peace of mind knowing the magnets are 100% embedded into the silicone. We've eliminated this safety concern. And our magnets are high-grade neodymium with a scratch-proof, but firm magnetic hold. Stick them to each other or any steel surface.

    • The DIY Collection includes six (6) TwistieMag® Magnetic Twist Ties
    • You choose all 6 colors

    Easy Returns

    We are just sure that the person about to get this awesome Monster Magnetics® stuff
    will be thrilled, asounded, and astonished. If not, our bad. 😞

    We have an easy, no questions asked one-click returns process.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 334 reviews
    Roger Heath
    Superior to the Amazon competion

    Appreciate: magnets fully enclosed, choice of neutral colors.
    Very satisfied.

    Stephen Brown

    What a good idea!

    Kathleen Dillmon
    As advertised

    Magnets are strong. Unlike others, the magnets are strong and don’t fall out. Have ordered these multiple times.

    Michael Schillaci

    TwistieMag Magnetic Twist Ties - Multi-Color 10-Pack

    Love these!

    Wasn't sure I'd like or use these when I ordered the first ones. Still ordering them, now this is my third shipment. Very useful! From handling cords to making sure our Christmas light extension cord stays out of the rain, they have proven themselves over and over. Strong magnets, bright colors!