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MiniMag 2 - Dual-Magnet Magnetic Stash Box

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Monster Magnetics® MiniMag 2™ is our dual-magnet all-weather mini magnetic storage container. Superior weatherproof protection and a Scary Strong magnetic grip.

Hide your stuff where nobody knows but you! 

  • Rare Earth magnets deliver a Scary Strong magnetic grip.
  • Stash your stuff in, on, behind, or under your refrigerator, locker, or toolbox. Your washer or dryer. Your filing cabinet, safe, steel shelves, bed frame, vehicle frame - anything steel!
  • Waterproof to keep moisture out, Smell-Proof to keep odor in.
  • Mount your GPS tracker and extended battery. Used in the field by law enforcement agencies and professional investigators.
  • Hide a key, set of keys, key fob, or spare garage door opener.
  • Conceal and secure your jewelry and cash.
  • Keep your meds out of reach of children.

Why MiniMag 2™?

Tens of thousands of our magnetic stash boxes are in the field right now! Law enforcement and professional investigators mount GPS trackers under vehicles. Professional grade. 

The main problem we see in similar products is the quality of the enclosure itself. Magnets break off, moisture sealant is inadequate. Ours are countersunk right into the enclosure and will not break off. Our screw/rivet-free design and gasket completely seal your contents from the elements.

But broken magnets and leaking enclosures aren't the only problems. Worse yet is something that seems simple, but that you never thought about until now.

You plan to mount it underneath a vehicle. When you crawl under a vehicle to place it, where do you put it?

If you fail to mount a GPS tracker in a recommended location, you're rendering it useless. You're blocking GPS and cellular signals and it doesn't work. Worse yet, your placement could damage or destroy your expensive tracker. Or you lose it.

We got you covered. We teamed up with GPS tracking experts. Our enlightening (and illustrated) Under-Vehicle Placement Guide will show you what to do. Follow the instructions printed on the outside of the packaging to download it - for FREE.


  • Enclosure: ABS
  • Magnets: Neodymium (NdFeb)
  • Hinges: Stainless Steel
  • Gasket: Rubber
  • Inserts: PU Foam

MiniMag 2 Magnetic Stash Box Interior Dimensions

Product Dimensions

  • Exterior: 3.5 x 2.5 x 2.0 Inches
  • Interior: 3.2 x 1.8 x 1.6 Inches

Use, Care, and Maintenance

  • If using outdoors or on the underside of a vehicle, or with a GPS tracking device, download our Under-Vehicle Placement Guide (instructions are printed on product packaging)
  • Clean with a soft cloth dampened with warm soapy water. Air dry.
  • Keep magnet assembly coated with a moisture repellent, such as WD-40® or silicone spray lubricant.
  • Keep gasket lubricated with WD-40® or silicone lubricant.

In The Box

  • Magnetic Enclosure
  • (2) Removable Protective Foam Inserts
  • Under-Vehicle Placement Guide (FREE Download)

MiniMag 2 Dual Magnet Magnetic Stash Box In the Box


Did You Know They Come In 3 Sizes?

Make sure you've got the right fit! Take measurements of items you intend to put inside.  As an example, there are specific keys and fob remotes that are too long to fit in MiniMag and MiniMag 2. But they do fit in a MiniMag Plus.

Get the size you need with this comparison chart:

MiniMag Series Magnetic Stash Box - 3 Sizes

Click To See All 3 MiniMag Series Magnetic Boxes Side By Side

Easy Returns

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will be thrilled, asounded, and astonished. If not, our bad. 😞

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Customer Reviews

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Justin Fuller

MiniMag 2 - Dual-Magnet Magnetic Stash Box

Ebob in FL
Truly great product ! Strong magnets and extremely well-made.

This magnetic box is truly outstanding. It is sturdy, extremely well designed and manufactured. The double magnets fasten it so securely that I would never be concerned about it coming off on its own. Because of the smooth design of the weatherproof box, you can grip it easily and remove it without cuts and bruises. It has locking tabs the fasten the lid securely and it has a protective foam-liner; Since I use the Monster Magnet box to hide my expensive, backup, smart-key fob under my car, this box leaves me with absolutely no concerns: it is protected from the elements and fastened safely, so i no it will be there when I need it.

This is a very high-quality product, backed by some solid customer service. I needed a second box and it went out immediately. This is a company that goes beyond customer service and delivers true customer SATISFACTION. I am going to buy more of these as gifts during the coming year.

Robert Hannis

This product seems very well made.

Timothy Boland
Nice Quality

Very strong magnets, thick plastic case, worth paying a little more for. Good fit for new fob or fob keys plus a house key.

louis pierro
good item

this item has some really strong magnets..i'd be surprised if it ever moves from where i place it.....just right size and good quality...well priced so a good value...i plan on buying more when in stock...