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How To Prevent Metal-On-Metal Scratching

Posted by Jeff Monson on

How To Prevent Metal-On-Metal Scratching
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MagCap™ Scratch-Proof Magnet Caps (1-inch diameter)

  • PREVENTS SCRATCHING OF EXPENSIVE REFRIGERATOR SURFACES. Use these protective magnet caps to instantly turn any 1-inch (diameter) pot magnet into a scratch proof magnet! Protect the delicate finish of your expensive refrigerator, tool box, or any surface.

  • COMMON SIZE FITS ALL 1 INCH DIAMETER MAGNETS. Works with the most popular and common magnets available. Easily slip the protective rubber cap over the magnet to create a scratch-proof and non-slip barrier, preventing metal-on-metal contact.

  • DURABLE. WITHSTANDS HEAVY USE. We manufactured these magnet caps specifically for use as such. The grade and manufacturing process of the protective rubber cap ensures a lifetime of use.

  • 4 PACK. Includes 4 protective magnet caps. Fits hook, eyelet, carabiner, and pot magnets 1 inch in diameter.
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