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Heavy Duty Hook Magnets For BBQ Grilling Tools

Posted by Jeff Monson on

Heavy Duty Hook Magnets For BBQ Grilling Tools
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More Grilling Work Space!

Now you can conveniently store your grilling tools and utensils and make room for, well... GRILLING!

In this bundle, we've combined our heavy-duty magnetic hooks, eyelets, split-ring carabiners, and scratch-proof magnet caps into one great kit! We call it The Grill Master Collection - and it comes with everything you need to clean up the outdoor cooking clutter in a stylish way...

Stick these heavy duty magnetic hooks right to the front of your grill for instant and convenient storage - within easy reach, but out of the way!

This versatile kit includes 3 different hook types so you can choose the right hardware for the type of grilling utensils you have. And the magnets definitely live up to our company standard of Scary Strong!

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